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You’ve stumbled upon this page for one of three reasons:

1. This is not the page you were looking for, and you are utterly disappointed. To those people, we’d like to say we agree with you. This page is not for your typical first-liner.

2. You know us personally and we’ve harassed you into look at our page. ┬áTo those people, we’d like to inform you: the harassment doesn’t end here.

3. You are a hockey fan just like us and were trying to find some knowledgeable hockey experts with good insight. For those people we are very sorry.

Tyler and I have been friends and teammates for a long time. We spend 99.9% of our spare time talking, reading or watching all things hockey related. We figured if we were going to spend all that time on something, we might as well make it worthwhile. Enter

We’re not experts, we’re not good hockey players, and we’re definitely not getting paid for this. We’re just fans of this amazing sport like most of you. We wanted to create a site where we could write about teams, players, trades, the life of a fan, honestly just whatever we really feel like, it’ll be up here. We’re hoping to get you all included too.

Email, message us on facebook, or slide into our DMs if you have questions, concerns, want to chirp our inability to spell, or would like to praise us as gods of hockey knowledge and submit sacrifices to us henceforth.

If you’d like to add to this website, and become a writer in your free time, we’d love to read what you’ve got (we won’t pay you though, we’re broke already and this website costs money, so yeah, it’ll be for your pride or whatever). Send your articles to: After a – probably much needed – edit by Abbie (who actually knows how to spell these days) we’ll post it up.