Healthy Skratch

A fourth line hockey blog

How to reach us

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must acknowledge their true destiny. Fortunately for you, we know where your path is headed.

Your life has lead to this moment right here. Panting and sweating you are ready to confront your next challenge……

….Telling us that we have made a spelling error / know nothing about hockey / look like idiots / *insert other things our moms tell us here*

Our response to that is one of these automated responses:

Who needs spelling, this is hockey?

We hate hockey, it’s the worst.

We hate your favourite player / team / city, that’s why they weren’t praised.

For anything of actual value you can reach us by using one of the following platforms:




Carrier Pigeon: Tell your pigeon to look for the angry guy wearing a hockey jersey, most likely will be Kris.

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